Sorry everybody this is long overdue, I know I haven't written anything in a while. However this will be short and brief. Let me tell you what I am currently working on the only way i know how by writing a list.

1. Currently I have redesigned my website and made it conviently into a webstore displaying my art for sale.
2. I have been redesigning logos and brochures for other companies
3. I am currently working on two poetry books which I already have written but I haven't had time to send it off to the manufacturer to have them printed. You will know when i know. I am a one woman show so I do almost everythiung by myself and it takes time. Sometimes I just got to take a break and also I have other side jobs.
4. I am also going to have a picture book displaying all my art for the world to see. If i have anymore update I will let you know. This is still a work in progress.

Until Next time have a safe day !


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