DJANGO - What can I say, it was a typical Quentin Tarantino movie with blood and guns blazing. A movie filled with violence and blood spill splashing like an overflowing river. The movie was reminiscent of western cowboy gun slinging movie of the fifties with music to match. The stars of the movie were like experts at holding and slinging a gun and could shoot to kill in a blink of an eye if they wanted to. In this movie Django played by Jamie Fox is seen as a heroic- like figure, he is hated by many and loved by few. In this movie a German doctor named Dr. Fritz played by Christophe Waltz turn bounty hunter seeks Django out  and  gives him an option of joining him on his bounty hunting quest with the notion that after their journey is completed, Django will eventually get his freedom. I have you know that the Doctor Schultz character hates slavery and believes all men should be freed. 
Django eventually joins forces with the Doctor and later we find out that he also wants to free his wife named Broomhilda played by Kerry Washington after their adventure together is over, the kind doctor fritz decides to help him free his slave wife form the hands of a plantation owner king pin played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The  movie was filled with themes of  hatred , jealously, revenge and  romance .Although the movie was serious in nature, the  movie also had a few laughs depending on your  type of humor. 
If you are queasy and don't think you'll be able to handle all the blood shed I would suggest to not see this type of movie. I must warn you if you if you are sensitive to excessive derogatory name calling and profanity, I'd advise you not to  see this movie. Please try not to be offended by this movie, for you were forewarn what this movie was about with the highly publicize commercial previews. So it's up to do to make wise decisions on what you choose as your entertainment. This review is the abridge version of my observation. So i'd suggest just enjoy the movie in the context of the story line. This movie was portrayed by all talented actors and was very and it was very believable in my opinion. Finally, as in almost all movies there is a happy ending , the hero is reunited with his damsel in distress. 


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