We live in a society, where it has become the norm for some people to get their news or facts from gossip and not from an actual literary source. These people tend to avoid reading at all cost unless they were forced to do so through simple task such as reading a menu or searching for directions or even studying for a big examination if they happen to be a student. These same people who detest reading or often those who are couch pitators or procrastinators.
What those people don't understand is reading has alot of advantages. for example people who read quite often are seen as wise ambitious people. These sorts of people are able to defend themselves wgen problems arise in a civilized manner. They are less likely to act on impulse instead they are able to diffuse the situation with reason. If those people who oppose reading saw it as a gift and not a chore, they would find it quite enjoyable and not scrutinize it. They would also know that reading is a privilege and understand that literacy is a worldwide epidemic that they were fortunate to not be a part of. Also, people who read are less likely to be taken advantage of others because the knowledge they have acquired . Below I have written a few ways we can be get motivated to read more often.

1. Start a book club and takes notes so you can participate in the discussion.
2. Listen to audiobooks while multitasking
3.read while commuting on bus, train or taxi.
4. Read while on vacation durring rainy days or on the plane while traveling to your destination.
5. Read foreign language books to get you motivated to read abd pick up a new language.
6. Become a mentor to a child or adult who is illerate that way your helping them while following along.
7. Become a reading teacher where you are exposed to books on a daily basis.
8. Create trivia cards or game and get people to test your knowledges based on the reading.
9.Create your own script, poem or song based on the reading or from your own imagination. They can also act out some scenes from the book and present it i front of their families.
10. Make a sketch or a painting of the story that you've read.
11. Have a journal handy so you can jot down the new found vocabulary you've found and write sentences for each one.
12. You can get paid for your reading as a book reviewer working with an agency or through a freelance column.



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