As promised I will give you my review of the following Movie. Let me start off by saying I started off the year 2013 right by seeing Les Miserables.  Les Miserables  was such a beautiful adaptation of the play. The producers , directors, actors, make up artist, the people involved in production, lighting, costumes and all others involved really did a superb job. They brought the play to life, this was even better than the 1998 version of Les miserable although it was slightly different. The previous film was more realistic version as suppose to the other one which was done in a musical format. The whole movie was so believable and so heart felt that it caused me to shed a few tears and, there were even some instances where I joined them in a few choral verses as well. This movie definitely deserves an Oscar and Emmy win - Seriously.

There were a few actors that surprised me with their singing abilities ; Actors such as Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried . The way they hit those high notes were beautiful and spellbinding. However, I was not surprised with Hugh Jackman  vocals because he is a stage actor as well. The other minor cast members  such as the actors who played Marias, Eponine, young Cossetted and Gavroche were outstanding performers. I felt every emotion that they sung. 

Everyone deserves a round of applause for a great performance both those behind and in front of the camera that brought such a masterpiece together. I recommend this movie to those who enjoy watching great musical classics , riveting performances , and stories of victory and love. I also recommend that you see the play as well, if you enjoyed the movie. I was fortunate enough to see the live play twice in my life. Strictly the English version. 

My favorite songs from the movie and musical have always been " do you hear the people sing", "castle on a cloud, and "on my own" . I also recommend you to get the cd you won't regret it. Maybe you'll sing a few notes or two. 



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