Love is not blind
Nor is it unkind
Love is not your imagination
Or a simple infatuation
Love is a necessity like food
Love is not unlawful or rude
love is sometimes beyond your control
Love never ages nor gets old
Love is a treasure to explore
Love keeps you wanting more
Love is a feeling of bliss
Love is a sealed with a kiss
Love is a special charm
Love can do no harm
Love will be there forever
Love will abandon you never
Love will stay by your side
Love will be your lasting guide
Love will show you romance
Love will ask you to dance
Love shall never cease
Love does not rest in peace
Love will always find you there
Love will never ever disappear
love will be around to hold you tight
Love will tuck you in at night

To be continued....(this and many more will be in my upcoming poetry book)


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