All five of these youtube music videos are my most watched music videos to date that have garnered over 300 hits and above in a few short weeks. These have done so well , that it has impressed me. I was doubting myself a lot during the video making process although I knew my music was superb. I lacked the confidence in my music video project because I did not have the large budget it took as an indie artist to make one. Secondly, I did not have a plan of action of how I would create or even execute a video to accompany my music. Since it was an all instrumental album, it was quite difficult to make but someone I manage to create randomly a visual explosion of waves, shapes and rainbows of colors because that's what artists do they think on their feet and, they aren't afraid to take risk and I did just that.I know my videos might not be all that great although I have heard some positive comments about them,but I hope you take the time to understand that it's not about the video it's mostly about the music that I created for your listening pleasure. Please take the time to let every not resonate in your mind, savor it and be taken away to a enchanted musical dream land. 
If you like my channel or if you are interested in more of my music please visit my music channel here :  . Thank you !

Songs and track info : The Spirit, Happy place (instrumental), The saddest day, fire and ice and songs from my sophomore album (2013) "Happy Place".
The Bells with is a song from my debut album (2012) "Heart and Soul"
Both albums can be purchased on itunes , cdbaby and other outlets. 

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